Spider Traps, Flash and Java Scripts 

JavaScript-driven drop down menu's have become the flavour of the month with many developers and new site owners. However, the price for visitor appeal in your navigation links are completely invisible making it almost impossible for a search engine spider to locate and span every page. 

Also losing the benefit of keyword rich text links which are an integral part of in-site S.E.O. (search engine optimization) Fewer pages if any are indexed, as a result  you receive fewer visitors. 

Don't remove your drop-down menus, ask your developer, or add a site map page with non-JavaScript, standard navigation text links out to every page in your site. Don't forget to link to the site map page from your home page with a normal link. 

Search engine spiders are mainly interested in visible text content whether be page text or navigation links. What's recorded across your entire site from the text content and text links if any, establishes your site's relevance for the keyword phrases significant to your website's content or theme. 

Good descriptive content regarding your products and or services is what you want in a web site. Your unique theme getting you into the top rankings for your keyword phrases. Sites with pages with a little more than a handful of graphics/photos, 20 words or less mission statement on each page can't compete with loads of factual, helpful, descriptive information. 

A common practice for developers is to stuff JavaScript code in the head tags in your page source code. It's invisible to the visitor viewing your site in their browser. However it increases the page size and slows the spider robot down. Spider robots have less time than Santa on Christmas eve, consequently when they span your site, fewer pages are likely to be crawled with the JavaScript in your page code. JavaScript rollovers on navigation menu images create similar problems. 

In our professional opinion. The only type of web site using flash and java scripts are larger companies already in the top of the search engines. An example Coca Cola their icoke.ca they're popular enough they can use their flash web site.