Proper Web Site Optimization  

Unfortunately many website's contain design components incompatible with search engine spiders or lack sufficient text content for either a visitor or a spider robot. Most of these contain design elements limiting a spider robots ability to index it or employ a navigation linking structure that discourages regular indexing by spider robots. 

Unfriendly designs keep you from the top 20, a location you really want to be. Your target audience use relevant keywords when searching the internet. Most of these problems can be avoided. Following some basic rules will help ensure your site's friendly for spider robots, human editors as well as visitors. 

On other pages we provide effective solutions to many common problems. Hopefully shedding some light on what's considered ethical search engine optimization strategies. Regardless of claims made by some search engine optimization S.E.O. companies nobody can guarantee you top ranking across all the search engines all the time. What works today, might not work tomorrow. 

For many reasons including 1,000's of new sites being added daily to the index, a competitor using the same keyword phrase has updated their content, or the search engine changed it's algorithm, it's registration or submission procedure. 

Search engines don't reveal their algorithms they only give you a general idea of what they consider when ranking a site. Therefore it's the job of a good S.E.O. to  constantly do analysis, monitoring, and fine tuning. Understanding spider robots and building your web pages to their criteria is how you achieve a top 20 ranking long-term. 

Effective S.E.O. services should also include strategies that build link popularity, considered to be a major part of the ranking criteria used by all major search engines.