Does every company need a web site consultant? 

Most companies promoting their products and services online would benefit from the expertise of a qualified consultant.
An internet consultant is not always necessary, but with it being the world of computers it never hurts to get a consultation.
Businesses requiring a strong impression on the internet, increase their website traffic and online revenue are businesses needing a professional consultation.
For basic internet presence allowing visitors to know who you are and what you have to offer. Relying on other forms of advertising is suggested. 

Does Pro Rank have to replace your current web design or IT staff? 

Definitely not! it's at your discretion. Our goal is to work with your web team to create a successful online presence. Pro Rank's job is to move your company to the top of the search engines and increase your website traffic. 

Why is an internet consultant needed? 

An internet consultant is needed for various reasons, most important, to build and increase a companies online presence. An internet consultants biggest task is getting a companies domain name and web site to the top of the search engines, using keywords related to the companies products and or services. 

Other important tasks internet consultants provides: 

An internet consultant assists with the content of the web site, research your industry and the services your business provides. In turn allowing the internet consultant to do a comprehensive search on how the average public searches for your services. Once the internet consultant finds the exact wording used by the public to search for your products and or services, the internet consultant can then implement these findings into the content of your web site. 

ProRank then provides you with a list of top places online your company would most benefit from advertising with. Surprisingly it's not always the most popular web site that's the best to advertise on. After an extensive search of the various web sites best fulfilling your companies needs, a list of the available advertising opportunities  best suited for your company is recommended and supplied. 

What companies benefit from an internet consultant? 

1. Businesses that benefit from internet consultants, are companies are already online and satisfied with their web sites appearance however, they'd like to increase visitor traffic, online sales and search engine ranking. 

2. Businesses who are not currently online but have decided they'd prefer an online web site, to maximize their companies overall business presence, as well, increase their companies revenue. These companies could use an internet consultant. 

3. Finally, companies interested in learning the most effective way to promote their company, products and or services online.


Internet Consultants Responsibilities: 

Gather information about the company their products and or services. 

Finding out how visitors search for companies products and or services online. 

Research successful online marketing strategies for each companies industry. 

Find keywords most often used to search for each companies products and or services. 

Implement research into each companies optimization process to achieve the companies online goals. 

Distribute trade S.E.O. secrets throughout web presence to achieve highest search engine rankings. 


Pro Rank offers 100% GUARANTEE  

Pro Rank gets your web site to the top before your competition.  

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What will Pro Rank do for your company? 

Pro Rank increases visitor traffic to your web site in turn creating new customers for your business. As IT Consultants it's our job to achieve your companies online objectives to the fullest. By explaining the various options available to help your business succeed online. 

How do I set up my email address with my email program? 

Follow these instructions carefully. Settings are the same for all email programs including Outlook and Outlook Express. 

Click the option to add a new email address.
Follow the instructions in your email program, typing in your username (The first part of your email address before the @ ) add password when requested.
You'll be asked for your POP3 incoming mail server setting, this will be mail. yourdomain.com (replace yourdomain.com with your actual domain name).
Then your SMTP outgoing server settings are the same settings as your ISP (internet service provider) has assigned you.
Here are a few samples of outgoing server settings for various companies. 

Rogers = smtp.broadband.rogers.com
Sympatico = smtphm.sympatico.ca
Cogeco = smtp.cogeco.ca 

Once you complete these settings you'll see an option, a box that says "My server requires authentication", place a check in the box, then click the settings button.
Once you've clicked settings you'll see an option saying "login as" click this option and type your username and password provided by your ISP.
If you don't see this during set up don't worry complete the addition of the new email address by following the instructions.
Once your finished, click the email address, click properties, click server tab, you should now see at the bottom the option for server authentication and settings button. 

If there's a problem and your email address still doesn't work, 95% of the time it's a sending issue, with the outgoing server.
Contact your ISP they'll tell you how to set up the outgoing server. 

If this doesn't solve your email problem feel free to contact us